We are family company established in 1997 on the basis of previous work experience acquired in Germany at building houses. We are constantly applying and enriching our experience through employment of new technologies and adoption of solutions in construction industry. We build in technologies which are environmentally friendly and simultaneously with high thermoinsulating parameters guaranteeing low costs of exploitation. Our output is tens of buildings built in different technologies. Accumulated experience allows us to build in a modern way, effectively and cheaply using materials directly from producer with high discounts. Our practiced employees guarantee the completion of work up to the highest standard. In our activity we are governed by the principle saying that the satisfaction and comfort of our clients is the most important. With this end in view we offer wide range of services:

  • Free valuation of investments and counselling
  • Assistance in choice of project, its adaptation to specificity of the building plot or realization of individual projects with needs of client taken into consideration
  • Realization of interior and garden projects
  • Realization of investments in the field of building:
    - detached or terraced houses
    - residences, country manors and office and farm buildings
    - workshops, warehouses and refrigerators

Investments are made in different technologies: YTONG, Hebel, Porotherm, Optirock, Silka, Technoblok, Max, Fealbet, in reinforced concrete with filling and wall isolation.
Complex realization of investments from our own or given materials is according to comfort of our client.
We possess social back in the form of residential containers, caravans, equipment and tools.
Experienced building managers always control quality of work.

    We also offer separate services such as:
  • wooden roof frames and coverings in different technologies
  • traditional elevation and isolation systems
  • electric installations, plumbing and CO
  • repairs and finish
  • building of fences in different technologies and cobblestones


Skrobot Marek, Wola Łużańska 98, 38-322 Łużna
tel./fax (018) 354 37 65, tel. kom. 0 602 39 00 44
e-mail: biuro@skrobot.com.pl